Programme for 2020
 I have switched round the order of dates, sorry to confuse you so please look further down the page for
STILL TO COME then follow the arrows up.

  • June 6th
    We will be posting another workshop for you to do at home with family and friends.
  • May 2nd
    We will be posting another workshop for you to do at home with family and friends.
  • April 4th
    We will be using our marbled fabrics to make a variety of items including cards. This month we will be posting on this website instructions so you will be able to do this in your own home.
  • March 7th
    We will be Marbling a variety of fabrics using shaving foam as a base. Materials will be provided but please bring apron and gloves, we will be using marbling dyes. If you wish to bring shaving foam ( cheapest make as this normally contains less scent ) and any plain materials ie silk but not synthetics you are most welcome to do so. If you have a ruler that you could bring (plastic please) this will be for scraping the foam from your fabric before starting again. Your marbled fabrics will then be brought back next month (April) to be made into bags, cards etc. 
  • February 1st
    Helen’s hats. We will have a demonstration of a basic hat being made out of a variety of materials. Patterns for this hat will be available on the day. During the demonstration and discussion we will have the opportunity to make a few embellishments for a hat, so please bring your sewing kit with you. Bring notebook to remind you of the process etc. See you all there.
  • January 11th 2020
    Our non-festive lunch in Gullane with Quiz and competition. Competition is to make something of your choice, but it must have a button or buttons in or on it.
  • December 7th (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE THIS MONTH, In Gullane Bowling Club)
    Christmas decoration time. We will be sewing Christmas decorations. You can use festive stitches to enhance your decorations and learn a reversed applique technique. Please bring sewing kit and any favourite threads, ribbons (to hang them)  you may wish to use. Felt will be provided with patterns and a little stuffing. There will also be another folded fabric decoration to make, materials provided.
  • November 2nd
    This month we will be making ‘Christmas Gnomes’. All materials provided, please bring sewing kit and any favourite beads threads or sequins you may wish to use. We will be explaining ways that you can make larger Gnomes out of recycled items, that you may wish to make at home, so bring a notebook if you wish. We will be making on the day a smaller Gnome all hand sewn that could be a Christmas Tree decoration or to sit and watch over you. We are in Gullane Village Hall from 2 – 4pm, £4 for non members includes refreshments. 

  • October  5th
    UPDATE re Sew Forth’s meeting today.  Unfortunately we have had to postpone our hat making demonstration due to a family emergency. Instead we will be making the “Little Treasures” as pictured below rescheduled from our November meeting. All materials supplied, £4 per person for non members. Refreshments included. Everybody welcome. 2 – 4pm in Gullane Village Hall.
    We look forward to seeing you there.
  • September 7th 2019
    We will be meeting in the Gullane Bowling Club, literally diagonally opposite the Village Hall in Gullane. We will be twisting and stitching small vessels or large containers, please bring sewing kit and any left over material you can tear into strips to recycle. Don’t worry we will come with a selection of fabric if you have none.
    Tea/Coffee and cakes from 2 – 4pm £4 per visit for non-members, you can always join when you come for only £26 per annum which runs from September – June 2020. Look forward to seeing you all then.
  • June 1st
    Fiona is a Sculptor/printmaker/community engagement artist and is an active member of Made in East Lothian who runs workshops etc at the Hub in Haddington. Fiona also teaches a very popular class of printmaking at the Poldrate Arts and Crafts Centre. Printmaking for fabric with Fiona Maher who is an experienced teacher and printmaker is coming on Saturday 1st June from 2 – 4pm. Venue: Gullane village hall. This is an introductory workshop covering direct transfer printing from found objects and multi coloured printing from cardboard. Please come along for a creative afternoon, bring any feathers, plants, or dried grasses ( anything fairly flat but interesting). If you have fabric you would like to print onto – natural materials such as cotton/linen etc are best and with as little texture as possible. All materials used are safe and environmentally friendly. Please come with apron and have fun!!!
  • May 4th
    Recycling month ideas!!!
    We are asking you this month to bring in any textile related off cuts, this could be lengths of fabric, scraps of lace, bias binding, zips, net, wool etc. Everything will be put in a heap on the floor and we will then talk about any ideas as to the best way to make something new out of the items. Please bring a sewing kit, pins and scissors with you. We can then take away any pieces and maybe work on these during the summer! You know you always want a project. 
  • April 6th
    We will be doing Silk Painting, please bring apron and rubber gloves in case there are any paint runs etc. Silk and paints will be supplied.
  • March 2nd
    We will be making Dorset Buttons, please bring, needles, scissors, any special threads you may want to try after mastering this technique. Everything else needed will be supplied. Sample of buttons below:

  • February 2nd
    Fiona Waddell will be talking to the group about her journey into sewing.
  • January 12th
    Our non festive lunch today will be at the Mallard Hotel in Gullane, 12.30 for 1, please make sure you have put your name on the list to attend. We will be having a quiz and a competition which will be to make a brooch. Look forward to seeing everyone there.
  • December 1st
    It’s time to make Christmas decorations, we will be making a lovely paper decoration out of either book pages or magazines, come and have a lovely festive afternoon.
  • November 3rd
    We will be using foiling onto fabric to enhance an embroidered initial. This can be done on card instead if you wish. If you have a favourite fabric you wish to use i.e velvet’s which give a rich background please bring with you as well as your sewing kit and assorted threads.
  • October 6th
    We will be cutting our own mini stamps soft cut lino then printing the designs onto a variety of fabrics. Please bring your sewing kit, threads and any beads you may wish to embellish your print with. Please bring an apron to protect your clothes when printing.
  • September 1st
    Our first meeting after the Summer break.  We will be hand stitching various fabrics so bring along a selection of velvet’s, satin’s, or any favourite fabrics you wish to work with. Please bring your sewing kit and threads, there will be various fabrics for you to use if you are not able to bring any. A bottle either plastic or glass and pair of tights or pop socks to stretch over will be needed as well. Tea, coffee, cake and scones during the afternoon. Non members £4 each or you may wish to take out membership for the year at £26. Come along and join up on our first meeting and have some fun with like minded people.
    See you Saturday.
  • June 2nd
    Kantha Stitching with Christine. We will be revisiting Kantha stitching this afternoon, a relaxing way of layering fabrics and running stitch lines through all layers. You can stitch small pieces to make cards or larger areas for bags or cushions. Please bring your sewing kit.
  • May 5th
    Macrame with Helen. We will be making lovely glass pot holders in a variety of colours. Come and join us learn the stitches, and having fun. All materials provided.
  • April 7th
    We will be located in the large Village Hall in Gullane this month.
    This month we will be making boiled wool brooches, by folding, layering and stitching pieces of felt and thicker boiled wool together which could then be embellished with beads. If you have any thick boiled wool (or maybe a piece of coat fabric, or over washed jumpers!) or fabrics you wish to use please bring them along. You can also bring your piece of felt that was made at a previous meeting. Please bring sewing kit.
  • March 3rd (cancelled due to bad weather)
    We will be located in Gullane Church Centre this month, please turn right before traffic lights (if coming from the Edinburgh direction) or turn left after the traffic lights (if coming from North Berwick) then the Church is located a few yards down this road on the corner.

    We will be revisiting Kantha stitching this afternoon, a relaxing way of layering fabrics and running stitch lines through all layers. You can stitch small pieces to make cards or larger areas for bags or cushions. Please bring your sewing kit.
  • February 3rd
  • We will be located in the large Village Hall in Gullane this month.
    Celtic Knot and box. (A heart shaped pattern for Valentines Day?) We will learn how to draw the simple Celtic knot patterns that could then be used for embroidery or decoration on top of boxes. Don’t panic no serious measuring required, please bring pencil, rubber, ruler and sewing kit if you wish to stitch the knot, come and have a relaxing afternoon. We will provide material but if you have any favourite threads you wish to use please bring them as well.
  • January 13th 2018
    Our non festive Lunch at the Mallard Hotel in Gullane. We will be having our great quiz and a competition where we have asked you to make or decorate a box. Looking forward to seeing everybody on Saturday for the start of the New Year. Meeting time 12.30 -1pm.
  • December 2nd
    Slight change of plan this month. We will be making two different types of Christmas decorations. First one will be made of fabric circles ( we will supply). Next one we will be making a fabric Christmas tree with a difference which you, could use for your table. All materials will be provided, but please bring scissors and sewing kit.
  • November 4th
    We will be having an introductory class in making fabric by felting fibres together. You will be able to make two samplers from the provided pack.  Please bring a towel with you and a plastic bag to carry your work home in. All other equipment will be provided. Sample below.
  • October 7th
    Using the fabric that was printed in September (we will have extra printed pieces for anybody who missed last months meeting) and we will be using it in many ways. These could be a book cover for your envelope books, a card etc or wherever your imagination takes you. Machine will be available to use.
  • September 2nd (start of our next year)
    We will be doing transfer dyeing onto synthetic fabric this afternoon in the large village hall in Gullane. You will be using dyed papers to design your patterns that you wish to see on your fabric. Fabric and dyed papers will be provided for you and there will be a heat press on hand to use with care, so all you need to do is have fun designing your prints. If you wish to bring fern leaves or leaves with fairly thick veins then they can be used to print with. We will also have a sewing machine available for people to use and experience free machining.
    Membership forms will be available  at this meeting for you to fill in should you wish to do so. 

  • June 3rd
    We will be making envelope books. Please bring with you approx 10 – 15 new or used A4 envelopes. Once your book is completed you will be able to fill it with memories of your up coming summer break. Note down where you have visited, what you have seen and you can even put some memories in to the envelopes of your book. We will see you all again in September.
  • May 6th
    We will be making Summer drawstring bags this month. All materials will be put into a bag for you to use at a cost of £2.50 each. Fabric will be cut into the right sizes all ready for you to spend the afternoon stitching, and chatting!
  • April 1st
  • ing Inches, please bring sewing kit, scraps of lace, beads, etc and lot’s of imagination! Basis for the inches will be supplied for you to stitch and embellish and colour. You can make as many as you wish. If you do not have acess to any fabric scraps there will be fun items to use available.
  • March 
    This month we will be making something out of the crazy patchwork piece of fabric that you made last month. Please bring sewing kit.
  • February 4th
    Crazy Patchwork day, please bring small scraps of fabrics, scissors, sewing kit, and embroidery threads. You could also bring pieces of lace and beads to add to your crazy patchwork.
  • January 14th PLEASE NOTE DATE, (we thought the 7th was too soon)
    We are having our non Festive Lunch today, with competitions and our famous quiz!
    Lunch at the Mallard in Gullane 12.30 – 1pm, names will be gathered at our November meeting with a £10 deposit please.
    Competition: To make a tea or coffee cosy, in whatever medium you wish (crochet, knitted, etc)
  • December 3rd
    We will be doing 3 different Christmas themed decorations today.
    1 – Making Christmas tree in fabric, please bring: sewing kit plus a small piece of Christmas fabric and any embellishments you wish to add. We will provide the wadding.
    2 – Snowman, group to provide pieces to make.
    3 – Paper decoration out of colourful pages of magazines or books. We will provide pages etc.
  • November 5th
    We will be discussing recycling ideas, please bring in something that you want to recycle but have no ideas what to do with it. Everybody can come up with ideas. We will show you what you can do with drinks cans, ties, wristbands made from tyvek etc. We will also be continuing with the button Kamal Kadai Indian Embroidery.
  • October 1st
    Liz will be demonstrating Button Kamal Kadai Indian Embroidery. Please bring a 6″ embroidery hoop, threads and any beads you wish to use. Please look HERE to find out more about this embroidery technique.
  • September 10th
    We will be making Anglo Saxon style bags and accessories in a mini workshop, using leather, fabric, etc. All materials provided.
  • July and August
    No meetings scheduled, have a nice summer break.
  • June 11th
    Mini workshop making assorted brooches or pendants (Anglo Saxon style), materials provided. Please bring scissors, rulers and imagination!
  • May 14th
    “Stitching Consequences”. Committee will provide A5 size background fabric. Members will then have 10 mins to stitch one line of their favourite stitches then this line will be folded over and then the piece of fabric will be handed onto the next person. Everybody will come away with a lovely selection of assorted stitches to take away.
  • April 9th
    Japan Crafts Talk and Workshops by Katie Chaplin in conjunction with the Poldrate Quilters.
    Please click HERE to go to the Japan Crafts website where you can learn more about Katie who will be talking to us about the Kimono – Costume of Japan.
    Katie will be dressing a mannequin in full formal kimono whilst explaining the history and detail of the costume. We will be in the Alistair Grant Hall for the lecture and the cost to our Sew Forth Group members will be £6 and non – members £7.50 each. If you would like to attend this lecture please contact Isabella for your ticket. : or phone 01620 842367
    Workshops: Sunday 10th April on the 2nd floor Poldrate Granary
    10am – 12noon Making a Japanese Rice Bag £10pp (Materials £6 each payable to tutor) there will be enough fabric to make two complete bags.
    1pm – 3pm?: TBC
    These workshops can hold a maximum of 20 people each, the Sew Forth Group members have priority to fill the first 10 spaces thereafter open to both groups.
    The afternoon workshop the Poldrate Quilters have priority to fill the first 10 spaces thereafter open to both groups.
    If you wish to book any of these workshops please contact Isabella (as detailed above)
    Details and pictures of the workshops and talk can be found on the Japan Craft website as linked above.
  • March 12th
    “Knitted Fragments revisted” Please bring an assortment of wool oddments, knitting needles of different sizes, crochet hooks, large eyed needles for sewing pieces together.
    Aberlady Craft Group have booked a coach to go to Ingliston 28th April for the Knitting and Stitching Show. Coach will leave Aberlady at 9am and leave Ingliston at 3pm. Cost TBC, this does not include the admission to the show. Please let Anne Frost or Sheila Baird know if you are interested
  • February 13th
    ‘KANTHA STITCHING’ is the fun stitch of the day. Christine will show us how to layer and stitch with assorted fabrics and threads. A nice relaxing stitching afternoon.  There will be cards so anybody wishing to mount their stitched piece as a card  can do so. We will supply an assortment of fabrics for everybody to use. Please bring your sewing kit, and any favourite fabrics you wish to use as well.Tea and scones available while you stitch.
    To learn more about KANTHA STITCHING please click HERE to watch a video of this technique.
  • January 9th 2016
    We are having a New Year Lunch for a change. This will be in the Mallard in Gullane, and there will be a deposit of £10 each which will be collected in November. We will also be having our Quiz and a competition which will be to make a card. It can be for any occasion and hopefully will involve stitch in some way or another. 12.30 for 1pm at the Mallard.
  • December 12th
    Panto time! Oh yes it is. We will be asking in November who would like to come to the Gullane Panto called Snow White and the 7 Golfers. We will be meeting at 12 o’clock for the performance in Gullane Village Hall.
  • November 14th
    XMAS Decoration.
    “Original XMAS baubles and garlands but not as you know them”.
    Please bring scissors for cutting paper and a ruler plus your sewing kit
    Mill Fayre has been cancelled sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  • October 10th
    Isabella will be taking us through how to make mini woven bags. An example below.
    There will be fibres for you to use and also a pre strung board to start weaving on     ( feel free to bring some of your own fibres) please bring a large tapestry needle or bodkin with you, feathers, beads etc or anything you would like to embellish your bag with.
  • September 12th
    Potato printing this afternoon. Please bring a large potato and a knife that you are comfortable with. If you have any fabric you wish to print please bring this along, there will also be an assortment of fabrics available for you to use. We will be using a mixture of Acrylic paints and fabric paints so please bring gloves and apron is you wish. Any ideas of patterns you wish to use please bring along.
  • August 8th Outing
    This is our first meeting of our new year so we will be going somewhere to celebrate! For anybody wishing a lift we will be leaving from Tesco’s long stay car park in Haddington at 1.30pm (2 cars) and going to Dunbar Garden Centre (coffee room). If you wish to make your own way there that is fine too, you may like to go earlier and have lunch first!
    Bring any stitching you may wish to show that you have been doing over the summer. 
  • July 11th
    Sewing Bee, please bring any ongoing projects you may have, this may include our community project or an alteration or mending question you may have. Please bring in your sewing kit and scissors.
  • June 13th
    This month is BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE MONTH, We will be having Fiona Lambert coming along to talk to us about her Up-Cycling ideas, and how to make lamp shades out of re-cycled materials.
  • May 9th
    June Weaver a needle felting tutor at the Poldrate will be coming to show us how to needlefelt , there will be kits available to buy to get you started if you are completely new to this.  Bring along any merino wool or sheeps wool you may have and any felting needles, but there will be some for you to use if you do not have any.
    Have a look at June Weavers tutors page HERE
  • April 11th
    Making boxes out of paper, and assorted fabrics. Please bring along a ruler and pencil to mark and score. If you have any papers you wish to try and make some boxes with, and anything you wish to use to decorate your papers with before the box is constructed please bring along. The meeting today will be on level 2 as there is also the PACC members exhibition on this weekend as well as crafts to see on all floors. Lot’s to see around the building!
  • March
    We will be shown how to use a wooden spindle for spinning wool into yarn. Isabella and Debbie Zawinski of the Haddington Spinners and Weavers group will be demonstrating this method which everybody will be able to try.
  • February 14th
    We will be re-visiting our group project and we are also asking everybody to bring in a Hessian or Jute bag for life. We have purchased some jute bags for you to use if you wish. It doesn’t matter what size they are or if there is writing on them already as we are going to be changing the look of it to our advantage! It could even be with hearts.We all have things that might be useful to use, so now is the time to bring in all fabric bits, unusual threads, exciting wools, and possibly anything you don’t know what to do with. Next time you go shopping with your bag you will be noticed! We could be starting a trend.
  • January 10th
    Re-visiting our silk painting workshop. For the members who missed the salt technique we will revisit that for you, and we will introduce the use of Gutta as a resist, so if you have any pattern ideas you could bring that along with you (not too intricate though).
  • December 13th
    Christmas afternoon tea at lunchtime with a Vintage feel, at ‘Frangipane’, 1 The Paddock, Seton Mains Farmhouse, Longniddry, please arrive 12.30 map below.
    Please note parking is very limited so wherever possible could you please share. There will be assistance on where to park at destination.
    Cost: £10 pp.
    Directions: On Longniddry dual carriageway follow signs for SET MAINS. After first straight part of road  (heading towards Edinburgh) bear to right  and follow road round to a right hand bend then a left bend. House driveway is on right. Sew Forth Frangipan map 001
    Soup / Sandwich / Savoury / Sweet.
    Please bring along a sample of any vintage haberdashery or accessories you might like to show us, something small and exciting (not necessarily diamond encrusted!). There will be a quiz relating to the theme, and a competition for everybody. Competition: to make a small purse or bag with a vintage feel.
  • November 8th 
    Working on our group project. We will incorporate two different subjects into our community wallhanging. Firstly looking at the designs of chimney pots that can be found around East Lothian, and another depicting any favourite local features. Size can be no larger than A4 and either landscape or portrait. You can use any fabric or technique you wish. Your name should be on the reverse.
    We will also be making something with a Christmas theme today so don’t forget your sewing kit.
  • October 11th
    How to make lace felt the quick and easy way, ready for layering up with other colours and perfect for stitching into.
  • September 13th
    Christine Finlayson will be demonstrating how to use cocoon strippings to make paper, vessels etc. Everybody will have a chance to make something.
  • August 9th
    This is the start of our next year! your Treasurer will advise us on our finances.
    We will be undertaking a Group Project hopefully starting in November which ultimately will become a large wall hanging. We are not asking a lot don’t panic! All we are suggesting is that you produce a piece of stitching in which ever medium you feel happy working in, no larger than an A4 piece of paper or a rectangle. It could be of a favourite place in your village or town that you live. We will be discussing this to day.
    After and during our discussion we will be doing some potato printing on fabric, so please bring a small sharp knife and any fabric you wish to print on. If you would like to bring a favour
  • ite potato as well please do, but there will be some to choose from on the day.
  • July 12th 
    Sewing Bee this month, bring along whatever you wish to work on, have a chat, something to eat, tea or coffee etc. We can also discuss ideas for the group project.
  • June 14th
    Due to lack of numbers we have had other ideas about the outing. There is a great exhibition called “In Fine Style”on at the Queens Gallery in Edinburgh that we think you would really be interested in. For the Tudor and Stuart elite, luxurious clothing was an essential component of court life. Garments and accessories – and the way in which they were worn – conveyed important messages about wealth, gender, age, social position, marital status and religion. Entrance fee is £6.50 or concessions £5.90 and we shall meet at the Gallery at 2.15. We will also have a cup of tea somewhere near as well.
  • May 10th
    Working with Charcoal, designing on a large scale! freedom of mark making! whether it be for textile design or your first adventure using charcoal. It’s all about having fun (but please bring a coverall! to protect your clothes). Charcoal and paper provided.
  • April 12th
    We will be starting to stitch your letter. A variety of Fabrics will be available and we ask you to bring along your sewing kit, threads you would like to use scissors, etc. Please bring your lettering ideas that you may have designed at the February meeting ready to start stitching your designs.
  • April EXHIBITION 4th (private View), Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th
    We will be having an exhibition on the 1st Floor Granary to showcase all the work that the Sew Forth group have done or are still doing, unfinished work can be exhibited as well. The exhibition will run at the same time as the Poldrate Arts and Crafts Centre as they will be exhibiting on the 3rd Floor Poldrate Granary.  Exhibition will run from 1 – 5pm Saturday and Sunday. 
  • March 8th
    Two techniques day: Foiling, Transfer Dyes. These will be available for you all to try. All the process will be explained, demonstrated, and then you can try these techniques if you wish. If you have any specific fabrics you wish to try and use these techniques on, please bring them along. Synthetic fabrics for transfer dyes are best. Stitch sample sheets will be handed out in preparation for the letter you will be stitching in April.
    February 8th
  • Anyone wishing to try their hand at Calligraphy. Anne will bring along Calligraphy pens, nibs, inks, papers, gilding equipment, reference books and samples of lettering to keep you inspired etc. Information sheets will also be available to take away. If there is any specific item you wish to letter please bring it along .Please bring a ruler, pencil, or if you have any pens you would like to learn to use.We will also have an assortment of A4 fabric pieces ready to start making a stitch sampler. You may wish to think about specific letters you may wish to stitch. Information sheets with stitches and reference books will be available.
  • January 11th
  • Fiona Edwards will touch on Alexander Carrick, a renowned artist and sculptor, while the main part of her presentation is about his equally talented daughter, Anne Carrick Scott, who, over the course of her long life, was also an artist, but is remembered more for her amazing costumed figures, of which she made over
    2 000. It tells the story of her family life and her incredible skills and talents. There is also a little exhibition of some of her actual figures, so that members can look at the fine details of her needlework.
  • December 14th
    Christmas Lunch and Quiz at the Mallard in Gullane, please be there 12.30 for 1pm. See you there.
  • November 9th
    Maggie Finlayson will be talking to us about the charity SASHITA which she formed in 1992, dedicated to helping impoverished rural communities in Tanzania where Maggie was born. She will show us authentic Tanzanian weaving’s and fabrics and explain their meaning as well as talk to us about their culture.
    The first well has been sunk and is now in operation in her village which she will also talk to us about.
  • October 27th (SUNDAY) 10am – 4pm
    Susie Wilson’s Workshop will show us some print making techniques used for book making purposes then we shall start printing on Gelatine plates. After printing many interesting pages Suzie will show us how to make up an Artist’s book or books with our printed sheets. Recipe for making your own Gelatine slab can be found on the sewing tips and information page, might be useful to bring your own with you!
    All materials will be provided but there is a list on the booking form of useful things to bring.
  • Please down load a booking form Suzie Wilson Booking Form 2013 and send off today. 
  • October 12th 
    Anne Fraser talking to us about baskets and explaining how they are made.
  • September 14th
    Susie Wilson will be talking for approx 45 mins about the history of the artist book and about some of her work through images and show examples from some of her collection. We will have a projected presentation. She will also be taking a workshop based on Gelatine printing, then these prints will be used to make book/books on Sunday 27th October (see information above)  
  • August 10th First meeting of our 2nd year.
    Try your hand at Free Form Knitting and crochet (small individual pieces), We will be using the two techniques together to produce a lovely rich 3D surface, stitch them all together to make all sorts of things from cushions and bags. Bring along small balls of assorted wool, hairy, textured etc any size knitting needles, and any size crochet hook (not too small though).
    Be warned this is quite addictive! 
  • July 13th

  • Sewing Bee, bring along what you wish to work on, develop more designs for stitch etc, possibly going over some of the techniques that people may have missed during the year. Stitcher’s from Inveresk will be visiting today to talk about their work and stitch with us.
    Collect next years application form ready to fill in. 
  • June 8th
  • Outing by bus to Heatherslaw Mill on the Ford and Etal estates in the Borders. A coach will be leaving Haddington outside the Police station at 9.30am and will return to Haddington at 5.30pm (if not earlier). Price per person is £15 for coach only. You can visit Heatherslaw Mill and a variety of different  tea shops, craft studios, mini railway, all for you to explore on the day. Please note that all these extra activities are not included in your £15.
    We will have a basket full of your favourite raffle prizes on the bus.
    Please remember that the Poldrate Granary is not available today. 
  • May 11th
    Leigh Bradley Artist and recently trained Monumental Mason will be giving us a talk in two halves. Firstly talking about her background and training (letter carving/stonemason/stone conservation) with accompanying images. Then we will probably break for a cuppa then she will talk generally about different technical aspects of Monumental Masonery/Lettercarving etc again with images. 
  • April 13th
    Speed Stitching.
    Alison Cormack will explain about  the technique of speed stitching. Basically we will all start with a piece of craft vilene (previously coloured) and each person will have a few minutes (timed) to stitch, bead, glue, destroy, enhance! or whatever, when the buzzer goes you pass your piece onto the next person, and it all happens all over again. At the end you will be able to take home a piece of everybody’s work.  We will stop for tea though! Please remember to bring a sewing kit with you (including scissors).
  •  March 9th
     Hand made buttons, but not as you know them!
    by Christine  Finlayson. Packs will be prepared for you.
  • March 7th 
    Would you like to go hassle free to the SECC Creative Stitches Show on Thursday 7th March? Bus leaving Aberlady 9am, leaving Glasgow 2.30pm (exhausted and penniless!) £13 per person. Please contact or phone 01875 870 405.
  • March 2nd
    Spinners and Weavers at the Poldrate are having an open day on the 3rd floor of the Granary  10am – 4pm. Scottish Fibres will be there with merino wool, fibres, embroidery threads etc. Tea and cake also available, everybody welcome.
  • February 9th
     Demonstration by Helen Shepherd,
    how to make all heart shaped  goodies! More information will follow.
  • January 12th   Demonstration and sale of Threads.
    Thread wonderful thread

    There are a vast array of threads on the market. What do they do and how can we sew them. Debbie will show you how different threads give different effects and give you hints and tips on how to use these to give the effects that you want in your work.Some thread sets will be for sale as well.

  •  December 8th 2012
    Christmas Lunch at the Mallard Hotel in Gullane ( prices to be confirmed nearer the time) there will also be a Craft Quiz and we are asking that people make something crafty to wear.